Privacy Policy

Important Notice: This privacy policy in English is intended for all end-users who care about their data privacy. It explains what information is collected, shared and published within this service. It is not stating any legal information. If there is any contradiction to the German privacy declaration, this site has no effect.

Collected Information

Triathlon-Planner requires you to create a user login to access the planning functionality. The user information is restricted to a username (freely choosable) and an email address (as well as a freely choosable password) and is only used to identify yourself for subsequent visits to access your previously created planning data and addressing your name in outgoing emails.

If you connect Triathlon-Planner to Strava, activity and athlete profile summary information will be transferred from Strava to Triathlon-Planner. These comprise values of distance, duration and possibly maximum and average heart rate, cadence or power data. No GPS or Image data will be collected or processed. For future features of training intensity planning, we record sex, body weight and possibly ftp value from your Strava profile.

This website uses a so-called cookie to identify subsequent calls from your browser to our site. The cookie is a small dataset that is saved inside your browser and re-sent to our site on every HTTP call. Within the cookie, only a non-user-related identifier based on pseudo-random numbers is stored. Using this service and especially creating an account on Triathlon-Planner implies your acceptance of storing this cookie. If you do not want to store cookies, then please disable them in your browser's settings. You are able to delete existing cookies that have already been stored in your browser. We point out that without a cookie, most parts of this site are not working as expected.

Finally, the web hosting service collects so-called server logfiles about what page, image or file has been accessed, when and from what IP address and browser. This information will not be published nor processed except it is vital for the functionality of this service (e.g. filter spam or bot attacks). For actions taken within the service, debug logs are recorded to track the correct functionality of the the page. We try to keep them clear of any user-related data, though we cannot guarantee that for all affected processes.

Visibility of Information

The planning information you create as well as all data you imported from Strava are only visible to you alone. If Triathlon-Planner offers sharing of data between different users in future, it will be optional and disabled by default until you will decide otherwise.

Triathlon-Planner does not transfer any of your data or user information to third-party providers and does not publish any information, even not anonymized or aggregated. Also, Triathlon-Planner does not publish usage statistics of the tool, even not anonymized or aggregated.

Triathlon-Planner uses SSL-encryption ("HTTPS") for all web connection to secure your communication with our service. We have to point out that, even though, it will always be possible that information may be leaked, manipulated or deleted through insecure Internet devices, protocols, personal behaviour or other potential risks exposed to cybercrime attacks. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to Triathlon-Planner. Transmitting personal information is done at your own risk.


The service and data are hosted in Germany. The provided service respects and adhers to privacy protection laws enforced in Germany and the European Union (EU). If you encounter any contradictions within the service or website then please let us know immediately, so that we can correct all affected parts in a timely manner.

Privacy Policy Changes

Triathlon-Planner reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Please review it occasionally. If you object to any of the changes to this Privacy Policy, you should stop using Triathlon-Planner and delete your account (functionality will be provided in near future and linked here).