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Question: When will my Smart Watch / Social Training Platform be supported by Triathlon-Planner?

19.12.2019 10:52

Answer: This really depends on the "market size" of the product and of course its complexity for the integration. The first platform we integrated was Strava. Its API delivers roughly what we need to calculate training intensity and progress. Other platforms might follow soon if they are relevant, requested and deliver similar activity or athlete data. On our roadmap, we got Strava first (done), then Runtastics (cancelled) and finally Withings (work in progress). If you want to see a specific product/platform being integrated, please use our feedback form (see link below) and vote for it.

See also: Feeback Form

Question: Why is my accumulated load in the proposal going down when I refresh? I did some more miles though...

06.12.2019 18:44

Answer: Well, this might seem counter-intuitive at first, but the reason for doing so is quite simple. The proposal for next week is first created friday evening. At this time, we assume that you deliver a lot of load on the days yet to come, as most triathletes or cyclists are so-called "weekend-heroes". That's why we reserve more "space" for saturday and sunday as we do for weekdays. If you do most of your workouts during the week, then we expect even more from your weekend, and extrapolate the final load to be quite high.During saturday and sunday, the fidelity of the calculation grows, and so the extrapolation and your calculated accumulated load shrinks down. Maybe in future, we could understand your "week load pattern" and adapt the extrapolation to your personal profile...

Question: I am a runner, not a triathlete per se. How can I emphasize running in general?

18.11.2019 13:33

Answer: After the coach creates the proposal for the next week, you can choose a "focus" for it. This way, you can emphasize one discipline over the others. Of course, it would be nice to have such control in the coach set up itself. We might add that later, so stay tuned for updates!

Question: My race is on August 29th, but after I select this race in the coach, it sticks to August 30th. What do I do wrong?

12.11.2019 15:35

Answer: This is okay. The coach just calculates the end of your race week (sunday). We might prefer to display the race date in future, though. Thank you for the hint.